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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where is Kautilya Vidyalaya located?

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  • At what time of the year does the school accept new admissions?

    Admission is open throughout the year, subject to availability of seats in the particular grade.

  • What should be my child’s age in order to acquire admission in grade Pre-kg?

    The child should have completed 2 years and 6 months as on 30th May for the respective admission academic year.

  • What is the procedure for admission in the middle of the year?

    Same as our admission procedure

  • Is the fee refundable?

    No, the fee paid is non refundable and non transferable

  • Is transport facility available? If yes, what distance?

    Yes, transport is available for all areas up to a radius of 15kms from the school campus. All our buses are fitted with GPS, CCTV, and speed governors to ensure safety of students. However, transportation is optional.

  • What is the Language Policy at Kautilya Vidyalaya?

      English is the first language for all classes till tenth standard.   Kannada and Hindi are the II languages offered. II language starts from LKG and continues upto class X. As per the new rule, Kannada as second language is compulsory till class II.   Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit and French are the options for III Language. III Language starts in class IV, which continues till class VIII.   Hindi should be one of the languages studied in school compulsorily (as per CBSE ).

  • How to contact the class teachers?

    Every Friday between 3:30pm and 4:30pm On acute emergencies parent’s are requested to take prior appointments between 3:30pm and 4:30pm on the weekdays

  • In case of emergency what is the procedure to take the child from the school?

    Parents need to come in person along with the Parent ID card and state the reason, take the approval of the concerned authority and the take their child home. OR If someone other than parent will be coming to pick the child you should send the parent ID card with the authorization letter stating the reason duly signed by the parent. Take the approval of the concerned authority and the take the child home.

  • How does the School address teenage issues?

    Counseling and sympathetic communication forms a part of the informal curriculum. We have a full time trained and experienced counselor who works with the children on a regular basis. Teachers are trained to identify learning disabilities and addressing teenage issues without being judgmental or prejudiced. Confidentiality is maintained while handling such issues.

  • What are the criteria for admission to the School?

    Kautilya Vidyalaya is an inclusive school and provides opportunity to students of all religion, gender and regions to get admitted. Age and seat availability are the criteria for admission.

  • Does Kautilya Vidyalaya admit students from overseas?

    Kautilya Vidyalaya welcomes all foreign nationals and NRIs at the school. We have a multi-cultural environment and foreign nationals and NRIs help enhance it further.

  • What is the Admission Procedure?

    Enquiry (Seat will be allotted based on availability)   Parents to come to the school with the child for the registration   Interaction with child/Diagnostic test for III std to IX std   Admission process begins   Seat blocked by remitting the fee and filling the forms & submitting the required Documents.

  • What are the documents to be submitted during the time of admission?

      Original date of birth certificate (applicable for classes Pre-kg to class I)   Attested copy of birth certificate (applicable for classes Pre-kg to class I)/li>   Original Transfer Certificate (applicable for classes II to X)   Attested copy of Transfer Certificate (applicable for classes II to X)   Original copy of Marks card of the previous class.   Attested copy of marks card.   Six recent color photographs of the child (4passport size & 2 stamp size)   2 passport size photos, each of the father and mother.   2 passport size photos of guardian (if applicable)   Address proof of residence.   Photo copy of the certificates in co-curricular, Extracurricular activities (if any)   Copy of passport (For NRI student only)   Caste Certificate (if you belong to SC/ST/OBC group)

  • What is the student strength in each class?

    In Kindergarten, each class has a maximum strength of 25 students with a teacher-taught ratio of 1:12. This enables customized attention to each pupil. The strength of classes I to X is 30 per class.

  • How does Kautilya Vidyalaya differ from other schools?

    Kautilya Vidyalaya is different in several ways:   Creativity is the School’s USP.   Gifting the students excellent childhood along with education is what Kautilya believes in.   Teachers are 'facilitators' and role models and enjoy an enhanced social status, with facilities for in-service, personal and professional development. They are chosen based on their attitude towards teaching in general and students in particular.   Leadership development of our students is founded on experiential knowledge, creativity through emphasis on an informal curriculum, co-curricular activities and community service.   The curriculum will fulfill seven educational needs of the children - integrated value system, leadership within the community, empowerment, ability to make an informed choice, maximize intelligence potential, balance between creativity and skills, and self-discipline.   High integration of offline and online learning.   Theatre activities and folk arts are encouraged.   Identifying the latent talent in every child, providing ample space and opportunities for students to bloom as excellent individuals is the practice at Kautilya.

  • What is the student assessment pattern of the School?

      At the pre-primary level, emphasis will be on motor, oral and creative skills.   At the primary level, the School lays stress on continuous assessment that will include projects, assignments, class tests, group activities, self-reflection sessions and School excursions based on multiple intelligences. This helps teachers find out what the students already know, in order to plan the next stage of learning.   At the middle school level, continuous assessment will be supplemented with summative assessments at the end of each term. This would include written, oral and practical tests.   At higher secondary level, both formative & summative assessments are made on the basis of presentation, reports, test papers, practical’s, projects and examinations.

  • How is discipline facilitated?

    We believe that discipline is a value and should become a way of life. One cannot become a leader or seek excellence unless one is self-disciplined. Our idea of discipline is not rules and regulations which are imposed externally on a child. Discipline is all about self-management. We avoid all corporal punishment and even harsh reproof. Self-discipline is inculcated by embedding sound traditional values and social sensitivities. Small sized class with a teacher-taught ratio as low as 1:12 ensures individual attention and personal care.

  • What medical facilities are available to students in Kautilya Vidyalaya?

    The school has elaborately planned annual checkup conducted by reputed doctors for Oral, Eye and General health for all students and staff of the school. A full time nurse is available in the school to administer first aid or accompany the students to hospital in case of emergencies.

  • What is the procedure for withdrawal in the middle of the year?

    Apply for TC(Transfer Certificate) stating the reason for withdrawal. The time span to generate TC will be 3 days from the date of application.

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