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Safety Measures at "Kautilya Vidyalaya" - Click here to know more.

Kautilya Vidyalaya focuses not just on holistic development but also on providing a safe & secured environment for students. The campus is under surveillance with more than 65 cameras in all class rooms, corridors, activity centres, parking lot and the entrance. The security posted at the entrance restricts trespassers, and allows screened visitors with appointments only. Parents are allowed into the campus only after presenting the issued ID card by the school. The surveillance camera are being watched constantly to notice unusual movement or activities.  

The school has initiated CPC (Child Protection Cell) comprising of representatives from staff and student community along with the members of the management. Parents who are Pediatricians, Special Educators, Psychologists & Police Officers have been included in the CPC. 

Kautilya Vidyalaya was founded in 2005 by J Ranganna Lakshmamma Charitable Trust of Mysore, under inspiration from Kautilya, one of the ancient India's most versatile genius.

The school offers high quality education from Montessori to UKG, 1st to 10th Standard (CBSE), PUC and First Grade College.

Kautilya vidyalaya Kindergarten Montessori to UKG, Mysore Kautilya lower primary school, Mysore Kautilya Higher primary and CBSE High school, Mysore  
                                                        Kautilya vidyalaya PU college, Mysore